Can you survive living offline at a remote lodge in the Mara? 

Angama Safari Camp is the exclusive use sister camp to Angama Mara and is located on the floor of the Mara Triangle in Kenya. A mobile camp, it moves seasonally and can only remain in each location for no more than 30 days at a time. The camp offers just four ensuite tents sleeping up to eight guests at a time – and no wi-fi. None.



During a recent visit, the camp was set up on the banks of the Mara River. As we arrived with our incredibly knowledgeable guide Fred, we knew this was going to be something incredibly special. Not only were we welcomed by a huge hippo pod cooling off in the water, but a huge elephant herd and a pair of mating lions also joined the welcome brigade.


Mara, elephants


The friendly staff were full of smiles as we drove into camp, sorting our bags efficiently and escorting us to our tents. The scent of canvas and the sound of a zip unlocking as we entered our abode were what we’ve been craving for years!


Angama Safari Camp team arrival


The tents have everything you could possibly need – and more, decorated with just the right amount of colour and style. There are the most amazing beds and quality linens too. Each tent has a separate partition for the bathroom, with a flushing loo and a full bucket shower room. Staff gladly ensure it is filled with hot water for when you’re ready to turn in; nothing is too much trouble.

We woke at sun rise with the most incredible orange glow outside our tent as the hippos welcomed the new day in full song. Reaching instinctively for my phone to take some snaps to post on my social channels, but suddenly realised we couldn’t! It made us realise that the moment was ours to keep and we really embraced not being able to share it.

There were plenty more moments where we reached for the phone during our time in the camp – needing to call home, chat to family, check in on work, check social media updates…but it was almost always with a sense of relief that we remembered this wasn’t possible and was reminded to be fully immersed in the surroundings. This is one of the reasons Angama Safari Camp is such an alluring lodge – it facilitates a completely off grid experience, encouraging guests to connect with nature and to really tune in to the energy, sounds and smells of the bush. There is nothing quite like it.

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