Jewellery designer Cassandra Goad fell in love with Morocco as a child and the country has captured her imagination ever since. We sit down with Cassandra as she shares some of her favourite things about this vibrant and intoxicating destination – and why she was inspired to guide one of our Small Group Trips to Marrakech in May 2023 


What are the quintessential sights, smells and sounds of ‘your’ Morocco?
“The early morning call to prayer, the slow, persistent plods of camel hooves in sand, the trickle of water from fountains in inner courtyards…The scent of jasmine, the arrival of a tagine to the table, the raising of the lid and the delicious steam that escapes, promising a feast…the smell of fresh patisserie and the sight of sticky dates on the medina barrows…the myriad patterns and colours of zellige laid out in beautiful palaces…I could go on!”

Is there anywhere you have yet to experience?
“I would love to go to Tangier and Casablanca. In Casablanca, I would stay with my friend, the writer Tahir Shah. He has recently discovered that his (white) house – Dar Calipha – is the reason that the Spanish named the city Casablanca. I would also love to explore the deep south.”

Souvenirs on the Jamaa el Fna market in old Medina, Marrakesh, Morocco

Morocco is famously a shopping Mecca – where do you find your best buys?
“I always head straight to the medina. It’s the greatest bazaar in the world, filled with craftspeople and chefs who can create your heart’s desire.”

What’s your favourite memory of Morocco?
“I’ll never forget driving out of Marrakech into the Atlas Mountains, to stay at Dar Ahlam. We picnicked by a riverbed under the shade of date palms, then spent a night out in the desert. The most memorable thing of all, however, must be the kind and generous Moroccan people – it’s truly the citizens that make the country so special. ”


What inspired you to curate this Small Group Trip itinerary?
“I love to share the joys of discovering a new destination and encouraging people see places through a different lens – and I cannot resist the excitement of discussing inspiration and mentoring others to create new jewellery designs.”

Inspired? Join designer Cassandra Goad and cazenove+loyd founder Henrietta Loyd on a deep dive into the art of jewellery-making in Marrakech in May 2023. 

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