Karen Chapman shares five reasons why Colombia should be on every traveller’s list.

Good food is one of the reasons why you should visit Colombia

1. The people are super friendly and hospitable, despite the country’s rather checkered history. We partner with fantastic local guides who will give you a wonderfully warm welcome and share their expert knowledge with pleasure.

Colombia's biodiversity is one of the reasons to visit Colombia

2. Colombia is one of the most biodiverse countries on the planet. It has the second greatest biodiversity of birds and the second highest number of palm species in the world after Brazil, as well as the largest number of orchid species. This is all thanks to its unique geography.

Colombian cuisine has more and more fruit

3. Colombia has never really been on the foodie map, but it has seen some fantastic restaurant openings in recent years (it currently has two entries on the World’s 50 Best list). It’s also home to a wealth of diverse native ingredients, including unusual tropical fruits that many of us have most likely never seen before.

reasons to visit Colombia

4. The country has an incredible diversity of attractions to delight every type of traveller, from cosmopolitan cities, ancient historical sites and fascinating museums to colourful colonial towns and villages, lush national parks and picturesque Caribbean beaches.

5. There’s a wonderfully rich cultural scene to dive into, including the Colombian chapter of the Hay Festival, which takes place in Cartagena every year. You will also find original examples of Fernando Botero’s world-famous works of art all over the country (including at the Botero Museum in Bogotá and at the Botero sculpture park in Medellín), as well as a nationwide passion for music and dance.

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