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Dimitris Voutselas discovers Argentina’s enchanting Mocona Virgin Lodge

Nestled in the northeastern corner of Argentina, on a sprawling 67-hectare private reserve, lies the captivating Mocona Virgin Lodge. What truly sets this place apart is its extraordinary location, deep within the lush Mocona reserve, along the meandering Yaboti river – a picturesque journey that leads to the awe-inspiring Mocona falls just 20 minutes away by boat. 

This hidden gem boasts 14 charming rooms, spread across seven houses, each consisting of two cozy cabins. Accommodating up to four people, these cabins offer a comfortable double bed and an extra sofa that easily transforms into an additional bed. 

Surrounded by the Yaboti Biosphere Reserve, Mocona Virgin Lodge is committed to sustainability. Consequently, electricity is momentarily suspended during the night, from midnight to 7 am. Don’t worry, though; the lodge provides you with a handy torch to light your way inside and outside your room. A battery-operated water station is also available for your convenience during these hours. 

For dining, the lodge offers a selection of delectable dishes, with lunch and dinner options to be preordered in the morning. This approach ensures freshness and minimizes waste, resulting in an exact and satisfying culinary experience. 

Mocona Virgin Lodge main area

Within the expansive 67 hectares of Mocona Virgin Lodge, you’ll find a plethora of activities to keep you and your family engaged throughout your stay. From thrilling zip-lining adventures through the jungle canopy and tranquil kayaking on the Yaboti river to trying your hand at archery, enjoying campfire activities and participating in cooking classes, there’s never a dull moment. The reserve also features three scenic trails, allowing you to safely explore the jungle, observe diverse flora and fauna, and perhaps catch glimpses of capybaras and majestic hawks soaring overhead. 

Activities at Mocona Virgin
Activities at Mocona Virgin Lodge

One of the highlights of your stay will undoubtedly be the boat trip to the mesmerizing three-km-long Mocona falls, which run parallel to the Uruguay river. This excursion offers a close encounter with the river’s turbulent waters and provides breathtaking views of Brazil across the way. The best time to visit the falls depends on recent rainfall levels in Brazil, as heavy flooding or extreme dry spells can affect the experience. Local guides stay informed about weather conditions, ensuring that your visit is as memorable as possible. 


Mocona falls

Mocona falls Uruguay river


After your boat ride, a leisurely hike along a circular trail near the Mocona Visitor Centre offers insights into the reserve’s rich ecosystem. Keep an eye out for the delightful capybaras grazing on vegetation and various bird species. While the reserve is also home to jaguars and cougars, they tend to remain deep within the jungle, avoiding human activity and noise. 

Mocona visitors centre

Mocona Falls to Virgin Lodge


As you head back to the lodge, make a stop at an observation point to marvel at the Uruguay river in Misiones. It divides the Yaboti Biosphere, where the lodge is situated, from the Provincial Park of Mocona, where you stand. This awe-inspiring vista reveals the abundant natural beauty of the region. The Argentinian government has recognized its significance, enacting laws to protect the trees and wildlife. Landowners are prohibited from cutting trees and must build around them, while dedicated rangers patrol the forests to deter illegal hunting, imposing substantial fines on violators. 

Provincial Park of Mocona and Yaboti biosphere

After a day of exploration, the main guest area of Mocona Virgin Lodge provides the perfect setting to enjoy a meal or a refreshing drink. The cuisine is exceptional, and the shaded relaxation area is ideal for friendly conversations, contemplation or planning your next exciting adventure – bring it on. 

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